Global Warming Warning

Freshly Exhumed writes “Drawing on new data released Wednesday by the National Snow and Ice Data Center that the Arctic ice pack has melted to an all time low within the satellite record (video), NASA climate scientist James Hansen has declared the current reality a ‘planetary emergency.’

As pointed out by Prof. David Barber from the University of Manitoba, ‘The thaw this year broke all the records that we had previous to this and it didn’t just break them, it smashed them.’

So, not sure why your mainstream press isn’t covering this story? ‘It’s hard for the public to realize,’ Hansen said, ‘because they stick their head out the window and don’t see much going on.’ Thankfully, some people are noticing, as Bill McKibben’s recent Rolling Stone article, Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math has gone viral.”

Life Ain't Nuthin but Knittin and Money

Life Ain't Nuthin' but Knittin' and Money

More and more green business greenpreneurs are making money online everyday. You too can make money online and be environmentally friendly without a lot of of effort. There are quite a few sound economic reasons to get involved with green business in addition to the ever-growing list of moral reasons.

Saving money and making money online certainly sound like good reasons for going green. You can look good and be good all in one fell swoop with green ideas and selling green products online. As a result of green business, both our green environment and green economy will result in improved sustainability.

You can save money using less energy and fewer resources in the short and long term. As the price of oil goes up and up over the course of time, the cost of transported goods, yours and the ones you purchase, will go up accordingly. Historically, every time the cost of energy has increased, no matter what the source of energy has been, economies have struggled. It happened in ancient Egypt, and it happens today. By using fewer of those resources, you insulate yourself against rising costs, and put yourself in a position to become the low-price option when the operational costs of your competitors go up more sharply than yours.

If there were a way to for people to make more money and be environmentally friendly without a huge amount of effort, most people would do it. By successfully marketing your product or service as environmentally friendly, or even making the changes in your operations public, it is simply a matter of not having time to educate them on how to successfully leap into the green unknown. While there’s more involved than changing the color of your label, it probably isn’t nearly as hard as you might think to start a green-focused business. In fact, this is the easiest time in history to start a well-conceived green startup with a minimum of financial investment. The leverage available today is due to a new generation of business-management tools, many of which are available online, that can help you.

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Green Money

Green Money

You would be amazed how many Green Preneurs have become successful riding the new wave of Social Greenpreneurship in the US and abroad. Who would of ever guessed that there would be so many successful Greenpreneurs that made their way to lucrative revenue streams using simple Internet marketing methods.

With consumers ready and willing to spend trustingly on eco-friendly products, manufactures of green products are finally starting to see the big pay backs on their initial investment. Certainly, the 2009 economic downturn put a damper on earlier returns, but that was back then. Now, we are seeing an improved economy and a renewal of previous commitments to green businesses worldwide.

It’s not too late to take advantage of these new green business ideas and advantage marketing opportunities. Granted, thousands are joining the ranks of successful Greenpreneurs everywhere. Nonetheless there is still time if you start now.

It seems the most successful green businesses have established a winning Web presence where they offer their green products and green services online. If you look closely at the best of the best within this growing Greenpreneur based economy, you should notice that the most successful green businesses online are the ones that took the time to establish a plan and websites with adequate shopping carts and payment systems.

They were smart enough to seek help from experts before trying to market their Web presence for their new online green product stores. You might want to check out some of these online green stores to see how they operate. Hey, while you are there don’t forget to order something “green” for a friend or relative.

So what are you doing for income these days? Many are still without jobs. Even with a job, how much are you putting aside per month? Just making ends meet? Lets face it, most of us can use the extra cash.

Find your “green” niche. Ask the experts. Leave comments here on GreenIdeasNow, and we help as much as we can. No matter what your reasons, if you are not already into green business, start looking into it right a
way. Green Preneurs making money online. It really is as easy as it sounds.

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